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Information for Property Owners

Do you currently have a vacant home?
Or are you having trouble selling your existing home in a difficult market?
Perhaps you are relocating and wondering how long you will need to wait to get a reasonable offer...

Our Rent to Own process (also known as a Lease Purchase process) can assist property owners in solving their short term cash flow problems by finding a tenant who has the option of an eventual purchase.

Why should you consider Lease Purchase?

  • In a difficult market, it is important to consider all options when selling your home.
  • Lenders are making it extremely difficult to qualify at this time. With a lease purchase, the seller/landlord does the qualification. Tenants can move in, start by making rent payments and then prepare for an eventual purchase at a pre-determined price when their income and credit score allows them to.
  • With all of the recent foreclosures, people who have lost their home in the last 2-3 years need housing and may have difficulty getting approved through traditional means. Assuming they are on more stable ground, these people might be good candidates for a lease purchase since they may not qualify today but could qualify 6-12 months in the future.
  • In many markets, if values have fallen, it may not be possible to sell without paying a lot of money out of pocket.
  • Normally, a higher than average rent can be charged for a lease purchase because there is usually a rent-credit to the tenants upon successful completion of the lease purchase contract.
  • If tenants have a future interest in your house, they will take better care of it.
  • If your house is vacant, getting a tenant in the house will help cash flow in the short-term.
  • Tenants who are moving from other areas usually prefer not to buy until they have sold their home in the original area or have settled in to the new area.

Contact us to learn more about listing your home with us or our Rent to Own process.

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